Transportation and Trucking Litigation

Description of Practice

GERMER is experienced in defending transportation companies, their drivers and employees, independent contractors, truck owner/operators and their insurers in trucking and transportation related claims.  Truck accident litigation often involves high value injuries and damages, which necessitate extensive investigations.  The attorneys at GERMER are equipped to handle the most complex of trucking and transportation related matters.  The firm is equipped to respond immediately by coordinating the accident investigation on-site, taking measurements and photographs, interviewing witnesses, the truck driver, other participants involved in the accident and police officers, and by assisting in the preservation of evidence and defense of ensuing litigation.

The attorneys at GERMER routinely defend trucking and transportation related claims alleging negligence and violations of trucking and transportation rules and regulations, including violations of the Texas Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  The trucking industry is heavily regulated and the attorneys at GERMER are knowledgeable and experienced in these applicable rules and regulations.  The firm’s investigation, representation and defense of ensuing litigation are comprehensive and include an assessment of the claimed injuries and damages as well as an analysis of liability.  GERMER recommends a fair and reasonable settlement value, especially in cases where liability appears probable, and attempts to settle claims through alternative dispute resolution means such as mediation.  However, GERMER aggressively defends matters where fraud and exaggeration of claims is suspected.  The attorneys at GERMER are experienced trial attorneys in trucking and transportation related matters and will not hesitate to take any matter to trial.